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Verify that all the MBAM software prerequisite checks pass.I am trying to my name servers that I have associated with my GTM to my Microsoft DNS and I am getting errors. My director has set up three non-microsoft name records that the IP is associated with our GTMs.When the name resolves that is when I get the validation error.It is in there but again, the An unknown error occurred trying while validating the server with the big red circle with an X in the middle. The name and IP are also in the Reverse Lookup Zone.

Have you configured the zone in MS DNS to allow transfers to the self-IP address of the GTM BIG-IP?

That is the problem I am having, adding the IP or FQDN as an allowed server. I am trying to add the record in the Name Servers tab of DNS and it is something like this...

ns1.that resolves to and is a standard IP in our scheme.

Known errors include: Indicates that an MBAM Configurator task is not complete as expected but did not fail completely.

Known tasks include missing certificate in the Local Machine\My store that was configured in the web application feature, or a timeout for a pending task.

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