Dating academy cheats

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The bolded answers are important ones to get right. I guess I could try to get him to be less stressed. Shane Route GENERAL HINTS IF YOU WANT TO TRY YOURSELF FIRST: lmao even harder than Jon’s, goodness. I will say I had a pretty rough time getting them both to win, which is clearly a best ending win condition.…What would my duties be?

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x DAlso, having played them all now, I can easily say Shane’s is the absolute hardest. I guarantee you the fuck up you’re making is probably the one everyone is making. :|)UPDATE: I have noticed two decisions are super important in the intro, so I am amending this a tiny bit! Also be prepared to facepalm, congratulations writers on perfectly depicting the concept of ‘Pauling it’, hah. Be agreeable with at LEAST the guy you want Hana to bring or they won’t be listed. Pick (insert candidate)The hidden path is Ian and the Hidden Block guys. Otherwise, you might want to think about if it’s cool to have Hana be that person who is hung up on people’s past relationships. Usually you can have a few listed in one playthrough, but I don’t think there’s a way to have everyone on the list at once (Jared and Paul, for example, can never be on the same list - not taking sides negates BOTH of them.)ATTN: You should always leave Satch’s book behind unless you want to do his route. The absolute easiest way to get him (or the Jacques mini-route! Jon Route GENERAL HINTS IF YOU WANT TO TRY YOURSELF FIRST: Hoo boy, this one took me a few tries. Doesn’t hurt to try to be extra careful something doesn’t go wrong, too. That’s probably enough…It seems like you’re just using me. I had a legitimate great time with this silly game, much thanks to everyone involved. I decided to throw it all into one post, so it isn’t in two parts like I thought I’d put it together. Make sure to tip the creator if you can, you can get this game for free here. And just for funsies, my own personal favorite path list of the NB dudes: Jared, Shane, PBG, Satch, Paul, Jon, Jirard. Satch Route GENERAL HINTS IF YOU WANT TO TRY YOURSELF FIRST: Satch values kindness, friendship, forgiveness, and loyalty.

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