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Netizens believe that Sungmin chose to get married despite his members and his label being against it, plus that the Sungmin wanted to hold his wedding ceremony on December 13 no matter what, the day he met Kim Sa Eun, despite the fact that he had to skip out on practicing for 'Super Show' in Japan scheduled for that month and flew back to Korea by himself.

There were also fans who claimed that in his signature, which they received during fan sign events, he hid his then girlfriend's nickname, "Mi Mi".

Shortly after news announcing that Super Junior would be making a comeback for the first time in approximately 2 years this October, opposition toward the group's comeback as 8-members is on the rise.

SEE ALSO: [Interview] Taeyang talks about what Big Bang means to him, his World Tour, his future, and more It's been revealed that Super Junior will be making a comeback with the following members later this year - Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, and Sungmin.

Do Ji-Won is already in her forties(if I am not wrong) but still look so youthful and beautiful : D The plot may be nice but the writer did not look into facts. It makes her acting looks fake with no real feelings. Have patience guys, your insides will heat up way past the boiling point, but once you reach the episode 120 , karma/payback strikes the baddies. This will be my 2nd most favorite long series (1st is Ugly Alert : D) Whereas I liked this drama overall, it was about twice as long as it needed to be. I think the saddest part though had to be when WARNING SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED YET Jun told Anna he only saw her as a memory while he truly loved Hyesuk. She is a good mom to her son and raised a great man. I also don't like Seawa's mother, She does not really care for others as long as she could keep her family in tact.

I cannot feel any chemistry between Bonyi and Donghae because she over-acted her part from Ep 1 till the end. I loved watching the show..was a shame I had moved to an area and missed out on the last episodes of the show. Something about the korean drama's always seemed educational and fun. Then my boyfriend and I moved in together and I told him about my favorite show. Sure it had some low points, like some exaggerations now and then, but towards the end, I was moved by characters like Hyesuk and even cried at her parts. I hope you are disabled in your next life as your karma. To her every thing is about the hotel and is ever willing to take away from the real owner, Mr Cho who is like a father to her. Taehoon /Saeyoung – crap like a meal extra on the side.

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However, to fast-forward 1 year later into the story sort of ruined the ending. I would have liked to see more of how Saewa grew into the role of single mom with a career. This was a pretty good drama, and I'm a pretty fickle person when it comes to these things. helooooooooooooooooooo guys please help me i realy don't know what to do i miss the last episod of smile agin and am realy sorry if there is any one who knows how can i wacth it agin plz plz tell me thank u one love OMGOMGOMGOMG !!!! Taehun and Seoyeong are a cute couple but they both have a lot of growing up to do and shouldn't have been parents yet if they were that immature about real life, but they are trying. He is so awesome, outspoken and kind hearted even if he does act impulsively sometimes his heart is in the right place. By no time, I began to like it after I had identified the characters vide subtitles. After finishing my work , we will rush home notwithstanding the traffic jam . I don't know this slot really reflect the korean society set up. Carl Laker, who was born as "Dong-Hae," is a young man from the U. His mother, Anna Laker, is an adoptee from South Korea. Nevertheless, Anna Laker was able to raise her son alone. They are so cunning, manipulate, and always playing victim. I haven't been able to find it on my stations but I am determined to. what's goin on i taught it had 150 episodes but it's still not over!!!!!!!!! Carl Laker competes in a short track speed skating competition as a U. skater and also plans to marry his Korean girlfriend Sae-Wa (Park Jung-Ah). I don't like Hong Hye-Suk's and Yoon Sae-Wa's characters. Her eyes gaze remains flat) and when talking always playing his nose. I've heard that message in just about ALL of the kdramas I have seen.. I am SO hooked but it comes on at Midnight in New Jersey and I have to get up at 3A for work. There is another drama about Kimch competitioni called Le Chef. So don't hate on the girl even if you want to, cuz its only a tv show and probably not real anyway. My school, in episode 7 they were playing truth or dare and it was so cute how the kept asking eachother questions. not to cause fights or anything but this is just our opinions. people shouldn't be bashing eunseo...she's a really sweet girl. hoho I just can say, "If Donghae agree and want to be pairing with Eun Seo, I follow Donghae's choice" Eun Seo-ssi is beauty and cute too : D hehehe It makes me sad that it's the minority number of elf that make the rest look like overly insane obsessed fans... you will never go out with them, go cry in a corner and grow up, find a nice boy at school or something. too many little girls complaining about things they don't have. I hear she is gonan be going with Donghae....i dont think im going to like tht, but if dongahe is happy.... , there's nothing wrong as long as Minho really loves her. i want dong hae to be with someone cute like dara from 2ne1! I mean, Eun Seo-ssi, kkk~ She will be pairing with Donghae at WGM episode 'Blind Date' right? Idk the whole story between them but they look cuuuute! And please don't judge someone if you don't know them well. I know if i found out you guys were really dating i'd start crying but in the end i still hope you'd take care of him :') love them being together.... even there are anti-fans for couple minho n eunseo,don't woory...

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