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Many girls from this city have a Mongoloid type of appearance and possess an incredible stamina.

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Nanoscale testing of interfaces using nanoindentations and in-situ bending experiments p.m.

Atomistic simulations of fracture in bcc metals: influence of interatomic potential, crack front curvature and grain boundaries on crack-tip plasticity Seminar(s): Ab initio investigation of austenitic steels: the interplay of composition, magnetism and mechanical behaviour Ab initio based modelling of stacking fault energies in high-strength steels Seminar(s): A Study of grain growth phenomena in polycrystalline aggregates using a coupled phase fi eld - crystallographic approach p.m.

A coupled diffusion phase-field crystal-plasticity framework to study grain boundary cavitation in irradiated materials a.m.

Cholet, Tony Friel as Womble, John Lummiss as Mac Womble, Jack Purvis as Great Uncle Bulgaria, Albert Wilkinson as Tomsk, and Marcus Powell as Orinoco.

Womble voices were provided by David Jason, Janet Brown, Jon Pertwee, John Graham and Lionel Jeffries.

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