Pctures of radioactive dating

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In the nearby town of Tomioka, hunter Shoichiro Sakamoto leads a team of 13 assigned to catch and kill the wild boars with air rifles.Twice a week, they set about 30 cage traps, using rice flour as bait.Now they roam the empty streets and overgrown backyards of Japan’s deserted seaside town of Namie, foraging for food.“It is not really clear now which is the master of the town, people or wild boars,” said Tamotsu Baba, mayor of the town, which has been partially cleared for people to return home freely at the end of the month.The plant is currently in the midst of a long, painstaking process of decommissioning, with the most challenging parts still to come, including the decades-long removal of nuclear debris which is expected to start in 2021.

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More than 20,000 workers have been employed to clean up the towns, scrubbing the walls and floors of every building.Beyond radiation risks, an unexpected nuisance looms for Japanese returning to towns vacated after the Fukushima nuclear crisis six years ago – wild boars.Hundreds of the animals, which have been known to attack people when enraged, descended from surrounding hills and forests into towns left deserted after the 2011 disaster.Typically, we do not even consider the negative x values because the x-axis typically represents time.In short, the half life tells us the scale of the graph.

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