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I could not find a couple of the forms they mentioned in the book, and that frustrated me when looking for them on the page they were said to be on.

"Overall, its a good read and you get some helpful information.At the event, make sure all of you guest have a name badge (Alias's are ok and suggested) and assign them a unique number for easier match results.Have them complete a registration form with contact information, email address, their real name, and Alias (if using one) for matching purposes. During the event, every 6-8 minutes you ring the bell and the daters switch dates. You'll first want to come up with a name that you will operate under (a "DBA" name, so to speak).I suggest coming up with a name that is unique, yet simple and to the point of your business.

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    * Based on the manga by Komiya Sanae and Nonomura Hideki Dr.

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    Photography, reading, craft beer and the beach are favorite things of mine.