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March 30, 2017 BY urbansocial | Dating Are you looking for that perfect date? But, this isn’t anything to worry about; the world of dating allows us to have a lot of fun, to meet new people, discover new things about ourselves and maybe even meet that perfect man along the way!

We’re sure that by now, you know that the world of dating and the world of love isn’t so black and white, and instead involves a huge grey area of unwritten rules, unwanted hiccups and potentially life-changing plans.

We all know Carrie Bradshaw loved to rant about her relationship woes with her beloved gay bestie Stanford - and that he provided her with essential insight into the male mind.

Before you set out on your mission to find your perfect man, there are some important things that you must first consider. Are you simply looking for a bit of fun, after new connections, wanting to bulk out your schedule a little bit, or are you now finally ready to find your perfect man?The two attempt to re-create a burger from KC & Son & Sons in Cork and, as always, Mateo was on hand to lend some dating advice "Don’t use chat-up lines. To say the world of dating is filled with potential for missteps is an understatement.Come up with something more unique: "I love the scent of your perfume," or "your voice is very beautiful." — UNIQUE DATES: Don't ask her out for coffee; make it the theater, a concert, rock climbing.Or plan something in the future to show you're really interested: Invite her on a trip to Amsterdam or Paris. If she responds with tenderness, you're on the right track.

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