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There are separate national archives for Scotland (the National Records of Scotland) and Northern Ireland (the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland).

Elif Shafak, one of the best known Turkish novelists, says that the French move sparked nationalist reactions in her country that eventually mainly harmed people like herself who are trying to push for an open debate about sensitive issues such as the Armenian genocide.The theatrical cut, alone, included 293 f-bombs and at least as many colorfully delivered variations of the n-word for people who depend on studio-provided screeners to endure.Clearly, such concerns were of little consequence to those who actually were required to purchase tickets for the privilege of watching a movie.The fact that Straight Outta Compton grossed 0 million at the international box office argues that it effectively crossed over to audiences of several distinct ethnic groups, all conceivably below the age of 40. Gary Gray’s extremely well executed film a candidate for one of 10 potential spots in the Best Picture category.(In fact, only eight were deemed to be “of extraordinary merit.”) Beyond the irony of having its four white writers nominated in the Best Original Screenplay category, observers were left scratching their heads over the omission of Gray as a Best Director.

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    There was nothing "theoretical" about the Mena/ADFA conspiracy or the Whitewater conspiracy or the Cattle Futures conspiracy or Filegate or Travelgate or Bloodgate or... Here's what to do if you disagree: Make a list of all the deceased. Verify that they were real people with real connections to the Clintons and who really died violently - and were not just imaginary people invented by anti-Clinton propagandists.

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